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Invitly - a new way to network

A new social network app for business travelers is set to offer an alternative to long, lonely hours.

It’s a scene that plays out daily all over the world – the hotel breakfast room half-filled with people all sitting alone, mobile in hand and computer on lap.

This was the kind of environment that the founders of the Invitly networking app, designed specifically to bring together business travelers, wanted to do something about.

“At first, business travel is exciting,” says Lina Rödin, head of marketing at Invitly. “Of course it’s fun to discover great cities. But after a while it can get lonely and quite boring. You spend lots of time waiting at airports and for meetings. So the app was designed to make that time more useful, by meeting other business travelers and encourage networking.”

Users of the app can see who is in the same city at the same time, and swipe, up to six people at a time, to invite them for a coffee, lunch or a spontaneous drink.

“The app ­offers business travelers the chance to meet up in a trustworthy environment, and one that is easy and doesn’t require much advance planning,” Rödin adds. “It allows them to feel connected and to be part of a community.”

To join Invitly, now available for download, users log in via their LinkedIn account.

Last edited: April 18, 2018

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