Mattias Forsberg, Chief Information Officer at SAS, answers your questions about technology and customer personalization.

How will the SAS digital transformation affect regular travelers like myself?
Our priority is to make life easier for our customers, especially regular travelers. The SAS digital transformation will therefore make it easier for you to book and travel with us. It should ensure that you feel taken care of and have all the necessary information readily available. New technology will enable us to react quicker to unexpected events, such as bad weather. This means that we can give our travelers better information and help them through their journey more ­efficiently. Our digital strategy involves improving our data analysis, which will help us personalize our customer interaction but also make our operations more efficient. For example, it helps us optimize the use of the aircraft, so we can minimize the time they are on the ground.

We hear a lot about personalization these days. What does it mean?
Personalization is about gathering information so that we can provide the most relevant messages and offers to each of our customers as individuals. For example, we can suggest destinations where your EuroBonus points can take you based on where people with similar interests travel. We can simplify the booking process by knowing your preferences, for example, if you prefer an aisle or window seat. But above all, personalization helps us proactively support our customers throughout the entire travel experience by answering questions and making things simpler. We can send information before your trip about the number of bags you can bring with you, as well as the weather at your destination. We can help you book taxis or other transport to and from the airport and make check-in and boarding easier.

How do you use the digital options yourself?
For my work trips, I use Turi (SAS’ ­chatbot) or the SAS App so that I can find and book trips, check in and book transport to and from the airport smoothly. For private trips, I use the SAS website to search for SAS’ ­offers and new destinations and see where my points can take me. 

Last edited: April 19, 2018

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